Water Tank Cleaning Company Truck

A Unique Cleaning System

The Watertank Cleaning Company East SA is a privately owned business under a Licence Agreement with The Watertank Cleaning Company of Australia.

Our parent company took five years to perfect a purpose built vacuum system that facilitates the cleaning of tanks without emptying them.  Such is the success of this system that since the beginning of its use in 1992, a number of other licensed operators have taken up the opportunity to use it in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Clean water treatment in Adelaide and rural South Australia

Everyone deserves clean, safe drinking water

We are currently operating a state-wide service in South Australia, reaching isolated and outback rural communities, as well as urban sites. We believe everyone in South Australia deserves to have clean, safe drinking water.

The qualities of this unique Australian cleaning system invention will remove sediment, heavy sludge and other deposits from the floor of the tank without disturbing the water body and with minimal water loss.

CleanOxide Tablet 8 x 4 GramsMaintaining Clean Water

The Watertank Cleaning Company of East SA are the South Australian distributors for Natural Water SolutionsCleanOxide 75 products offer a superior water sanitisation approved treatment for all water tanks.

CleanOxide GelAir Cleanliness and Health

A further aid to our healthy living philosophy is another product: the ‘Superior Air Sanitisation Solution’.  This CleanOxide Gel kills airborne bacteria, mould and viruses, eliminating their odour with a slowly regulated chlorine dioxide vapour.

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