Water collection, storage and supplies lines are vital in the production of animals, fruit and vegetables, fisheries, and in general irrigation.

The water used in the cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces, dairy lines, and the control of micro-organisms in pig and poultry sheds, must be as clean as possible to eliminate any possibility of infection or contaminating agents in your products with the resulting loss of marketable value.

The Watertank Cleaning Company East SA offer advice and recommendations for water treatment in farming applications.

Clean oxide 75 is available in 20 litre drums

The Watertank Cleaning Company East SA has achieved consistently good results in the improvement of water quality. After the removal of sludge from the tanks with the unique system we use, the introduction of CleanOxide 75 to all supply lines, and the tank, will ensure a completely sterile and revitalised system for the collection and quality of your rain water.

CleanOxide 75 is now available in 20L liquid drums for commercial and farming applications. Please contact us for pricing or call Graham on 0407 140 772.

CleanOxide 75 from ‘Natural Water Solutions’ is a practically pure solution of chlorine dioxide, one of the most powerful and safe disinfectants known. The Watertank Cleaning Company East SA now stock CleanOxide products online.

It is recommended by the World Health Organisation and used by 900 public water systems around the world. Approved in Australia since 2005, CleanOxide 75 is a powerful tool that can assist in the maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and reducing the spread of disease causing organisms.

It is effective against all micro-organisms, including bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, viruses, bio-film, protozoa and algae.  It has a record of being effective against the known pathogens of viruses, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, E.Coli, Giardia cyst, cryptosporidium and legionella.

A major advantage of CleanOxide75 is that it is effective over a wide PH range, minimising odour resulting from the growth of mould and other biological material in warm and wet conditions.  It will kill mosquito larvae in water tanks.  All tanks and water systems will be aerated with this product.

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We can provide a free maintenance report on your water harvesting system.