Professional rain water tank cleaning in Adelaide and regional South AustraliaThe Watertank Cleaning Company East SA is a recently established business in rural South Australia thats provides water tank cleaning services to a wide section of the State.

The unique invention of the Watertank Cleaning Company of Australia is utilised in our cleaning process to remove sediment, heavy sludge and other deposits from the floor of your water tank. During this process there will be little disturbance of the water body and there will be minimal water loss.

However, sometimes the water is so contaminated that after an assessment and evaluation has been made, a suggestion will be made to the owner of the water of a possible health risk, when the water would then be dumped before cleaning the tank.

Rain water tank cleaning in Adelaide and regional South Australia - before and after

After the cleaning process we recommend a water treatment by ‘Natural Water Solutions’ which offers a 100% bio-degradable water sanitisation process. This controls bacteria, fungi, viruses, bio-film and algae. The product will also kill mosquito larvae and neutralise any unpleasant taste or odours from your tank water.

We’re based in South Australia, and we provide our water tank cleaning services and clean water solutions in Adelaide and in all regional areas through SA.

Tank Cleaning Tips for Summer 2016/17

Below are some handy tank taps to ensure you and your tank are prepared for the Summer ahead. Visit our store to buy your Clean Oxide tablets online.

  1. man using water from rainwater tank to water the gardenPrune over hanging tree branches on the roof
  2. Keep your gutter and roof catchment clean of leaves, debris and lichen
  3. Clean all strainer and sieves and inlet pipe work
  4. Wet systems – underground pipe from gutter to the tank holds stagnant water and is a breeding place for bacteria, algae and slime. Add 1 x 4 gram Clean Oxide tablet to each down pipe. It kills all bacteria, slime and mosquito larvae.
  5. Check tank structure, movement of footings, wall cracks and roof centre pole.
  6. Check your first flush diverter and filters are not block.
  7. Ensure tank roof hatches and access covers are kept closed and screw to the roof. KEEP THE KIDS OUT!
  8. For your family’s health, add 1 x 20 gram Clean Oxide tablet to every 2,000 litres of water for control of bacteria, viruses, bio film and algae.
  9. It is recommended that your get your tank checked ready for the long hot summer ahead.
Water tank cleaning is available all around South Australia

Statewide Service for Water Tank Cleaning

We are proud to provide our services to a wide section of the State including rural, regional and outback South Australia.

Regions covered include:
The South East, Limestone Coast, Mid North, Flinders Region, Flinders Ranges, South Central, Adelaide Hills, Mt. Lofty Ranges, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Fleurieu Peninsula, Murray Mallee, Riverland, the Adelaide Metropolitan & city areas.

Clean Oxide is used to clean your rain water tank in Adelaide and South Australia

The Watertank Cleaning Company East SA is a specialist cleaner of drinking water systems, and our equipment is used specifically for this purpose.  This equipment is consistently cleaned and sterilised with a solution of CleanOxide 75, to ensure that the risk of any cross contamination is removed.

Keeping your water safe to drink

Every household should take responsibility for the health and safety of their rain water storage systems. Tank inspection and cleaning should be done on a regular basis by a professional regardless of how clean the water may seem.

Even with the use of strainers many pollutants will not be noticeable.  Plant material, pollen, dirt, bird droppings will find their way to the bottom of your tank, which over time will decompose into sludge.  This should be removed every two to three years.

Sludge is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses, bio-film, and algae. All of these elements can be dangerous to your family’s health, and could cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.

It is common for victims of these issues to think about the food that they have eaten, but it is less common to think about the quality of the water that is being drunk. Any discoloration or odours can signal a problem.  Do not drink the water, call the Watertank Cleaning Company East SA immediately on 0407 140 772 or contact us here.

Keeping water safe to drink

Other Water Tank Cleaning, Repair & Water Services

We have a blog post on tank cleaning in Adelaide. As the summer season is coming, it is important to ensure that your Adelaide water tank is clean and ready to use.