CleanOxide Gel

CleanOxide Gel


Eliminates odours, airborne bacteria and viruses in residential and commercial applications.

One 20g container lasts 30 days.

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Product Description

Air Cleanliness and Health

A further aid to our healthy living philosophy is another product of ‘Natural Water Solutions’ the ‘Superior Air Sanitisation Solution’.  This CleanOxide Gel kills airborne bacteria, mould and viruses, eliminating their odour with a slowly regulated chlorine dioxide vapour.   The treatment covers approximately 25sq.mtrs and will be active for around 30 days.

The product safely eliminates odours in: cars, caravans, boats, food facilities, transport containers, storage sheds and toilets. As well as Residential applications it can be used in Doctors Practices; Hospitals; Offices; Schools; Pet Enclosures and Agricultural systems.


  • Slow regulated release of chlorine dioxide vapour at undetectable and safe levels.
  • Simple mixing instructions.
  • No capital investment required.
  • 1 packet treats up to 25m2 (floor area).
  • The Gel will turn yellow approximately 20 mins after activation.
  • After approximately 30 days the Gel will lose its colour and become inactive.

Applications of CleanOxide Gel

  • Food facilities
  • Transport containers
  • Cars
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Storage sheds
  • Toilets
  • Agriculture
  • Residential applications
  • Doctors practices/hospitals
  • Pet enclosures
  • Odour control applications